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RRR -Requirement of Review of Relationship!

September 15,2022

In life, quality of moments has always been more important than duration. "Babu Mushaay, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye lambi nahi," Rajesh Khanna famously remarked in the movie Anand.

 At Vivaah marriage bureau, we talk about being considerate, approachable, and sharing intimate moments with partners. Marriages are about more than just finding a partner; they are about living life with a higher purpose.

 We'd like to discuss a few key strategies that modern couples use all throughout the world. The RR stands for Review of Relationships. We frequently take our loved ones for granted, and over time, we begin to feel that our partner isn't making enough of an effort. Later, the complaining spirals into a never-ending debate cycle. Instead, it might be preferable to have some constructive, preventative conversations.

a case in point

Each Saturday or Friday night, get a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks, talk about your plans, trips, and desires, and assess how the previous week's objectives and desires are going.

A cool pair doesn't have any awkward moments. They feel completely at ease with one another and are free to say or do whatever they choose. Before becoming a couple, they are the best of friends. Without any high expectations, they hang around, enjoy TV shows, play video games, and even go shopping.

 What would it need for your life experience to be a 10?

Justify your media consumption over the course of the week because watching too much useless media can prohibit you from spending quality time. You should also avoid using any electronic devices during RR.

Couples that enjoy trying new things in their relationships and are adventurous and impulsive. They experiment with each other's hobbies, introduce each other to various musical genres, sample various cuisines, embark on insane trips, and engage in every type of adventure sport imaginable. They want to experience the exhilaration of living an outrageous life with their beloved.

 You are, in essence, the sauce to his potatoes, the flips to his flop, and the silver lining to his cloud! Captain-cool

It's all about collecting interesting and unforgettable events in life. Who would make a better living partner than your spouse? Happy married life from Vivaah marriage bureau- Premier Matrimony since 2004, and if you're single, good luck!