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Happiness is Togetherness!

September 15,2022

Vacations and travel are coming to a close, and schools have started. We will soon return to our usual routine, which can occasionally be terrifyingly monotonous. We all feel so constrained when we consider it, and we all love our vacation modes!

 Neither this email nor any available hacks will help to improve the situation. We simply wanted to offer some knowledge and a fresh viewpoint that we learned from a spouse who got hitched through seven years ago. The couple's endearing and upbeat voices could be heard through the phone connection, and they were grabbing the other person's phone to argue about who snores loudest.

 But they showed that they don't need trips, coffee shops, or excursions to be happy. They experienced the moment fully and discovered astonishment, amusement, and love for one another. Despite this, they each go on their own adventures and watch their preferred Netflix programs. We learned through the dialogue that they had the ideal balance between "We Time" and "Me Time."


They both go on a shopping date in a month, which is surprising. Yes, the thing that many of us avoid because we are afraid of it. They rejoice at that event. They compose a list of stuff they need to buy, go food shopping in the cutest way possible, go out to dinner, chat while driving home, and then return and arrange the items in the kitchen. They view shopping as a productive and enjoyable activity. Even though this pair may not have been the best match, it does demonstrate the variety of possibilities that exist inside us.

Tell us your tale so that we can all learn how to have a successful marriage. Also, let us know if a friend, coworker, sibling, or neighbor of yours is single. The Vivaah marriage bureau would really love to locate the possibility for that unique individual.

Small things can bring big happiness:

Absolutely true. Happiness never comes in a box. Living a happy life is what makes us happy. Every day I am happy. Every day that goes by and never comes back. A new day starts, leaving the previous one behind and taking another day from your life. We ought to make an effort to enjoy every moment of life.

Time and tide do not wait:

As time goes on, we become more and more aware of the value of life. To enjoy each minute of life joyfully. We must make our own happiness since time, like the tide, never pauses for happy moments. Nothing else in the universe can bring back a moment or a moment in time after it has passed. Take pleasure in all of life's little pleasures.

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Small moments of joy result in large amounts of love, community, and bliss