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Let's evaluate the qualities between love and dharma

November 03,2022

Let's debate for a second if you claim that hate is the reverse of love. Let's claim that Selfishness is the antithesis of Love instead.

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We at vivah marriage bureau in surat have mostly observed that greed is what destroys a happy marriage. Selfishness must first be fed before being given a seat at the table. Being affectionate is about giving, but being mean seems to be about demanding and not looking beyond oneself. ou give everything you have to them. You feel a different kind of enjoyment from it.

In the Ramayana, amid Ram and Sita's Vanvas, there is a situation (Exile). Lord Rama was tied just on vachan (promise) with his Dead Dad, Dashrath, for the vanvaas when Bharat requested Raja Janak to insist that Lord Rama return and ascend to the throne of Ayodhya.

The following day, Janak Raja summoned the sabha and declared, "This is the judgment of Love and Dharma. Whereas Bharat unconditionally loves his brother, Rama is shackled to Dharma. But Love always takes precedence over Dharma. The law of love, however, states that you must never ask anything of the one you love. You offer them what they want instead. Bharat was unable to press him more as a result.

Rama, who was overcome with love for Bharat, agreed to accept the crown back but asked that he serve as a custodian until he completed the deceased Dasrath Raja's 14-year exile promise.

In Indian mythology, there are several examples of generosity and love, and that is how the cosmos works together.

When discussing Lord Rama and Sita's Return and the upcoming festival of Diwali, it's time to purge our negative intents, be the giver in front of us, and make the world a happier place.

We must also evaluate whether we are always givers or always receivers in our good relationships. The best bachelors are waiting for you at the vivah marriage bureau in Surat; get in touch with us right away.

  • Do you utilize our resources jointly with your partner or on your own?

  • Do you provide them with enough physical and mental support?

  • Would your partner describe you as someone who uses people while loving stuff or the other way around?

  • Do you value him/her enough to convey your concern to them?

Vivah Marriage bureau in surat  is committed to fostering wholesome unions since we firmly believe that this will contribute to the world's overall beauty. Prospects who are givers are those we seek out and nurture.