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Marriage is NOT created in Paradise

January 18,2023

If you believe we composed this to get your attention, you're mistaken. vivaahmarriage.com is serious. Yes, anything we tell ourselves is a human construct.

Vivaahmarriage.com does not intend to be a functional and social establishment. The goal isn't to diminish its holiness, but granting it too much romantic fantasy may cause it to collapse later. Instead, embrace it as it was made if you want to live wisely and joyously. It is not the ultimate.

Love revolves around giving, and we have the ability to pick our life mates, which is the connection we want in our lives rather than one given to us by God. We take charge of it and invite a spouse or companion into our life. There's nothing supernatural or divine about it. 

Vivaahmarriage.com believes in increasing happiness by matching people who are a good match for one another. It doesn't even concern the match; it's about a relationship, and no one is correct or incorrect. The one has x nonsensical thing, and the other has y nonsensical thing. Finally, we are humans, and we live in the now and forecast the future depending on our history and nature.

We constantly encourage our members to first examine themselves. You are always a reflection of the people you encounter. As a result, embracing and making oneself acceptable triggers the serenity and pleasure in our lives. And once you're fantastic, everybody will want to be around you.

Since 2004, Vivaahmarriage.com has blessed many lovely couples, and we are prospering more than ever in India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.