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Marriages are not made in heaven

February 13,2023

Marriages are not made in heaven ! trust us. If you believe that we wrote this to get your attention, think again. We truly do. Indeed, everything we tell ourselves is a product of human interaction.

We don't suggest that it's a functional and social setting. It's not meant to diminish its sanctity, but if you give it too much romantic illusion, it might crash one day. Accept it as it is instead if you want to live wisely and joyously. It isn't the best thing.

As we have the freedom to pick our life partners—a relationship we accept in our lives rather than one that God gives us—love is essentially about giving. We assume control of it and ask a spouse or companion to join us in living it. There is nothing heavenly or possessive about it.

Vivaahmarriage.com thinks that by finding the ideal match for each person, happiness can be multiplied. Nobody is right or wrong because it's not even about the match; it's about a connection. One has x nonsensical things, while the other has y. In the end, people are people, and we perceive the present and make predictions about the future based on our nature and past.

We constantly recommend that our members examine themselves first. You will always reflect the person you come into contact with. The peace and joy in our lives are therefore brought about by accepting ourselves and making ourselves acceptable. Everyone will want to be with you once you become wonderful.